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This is Diyet music.

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Tax Question for self employed musicians or tax whizzes out there. What line on the T2125 do you claim expenses for agent/management/publicist..

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@lenitaalatini putting in her game face. #musicians #livemusicrocks

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On Tour

  • 11/22/15 Diyet in Iqaluit, NU at Alianait Arts Festival
  • 11/19/15 Diyet in Montreal, QC at Mundial Montreal
  • 10/30/15 Diyet in Kindersley, SK at Norman Ritchie Community Centre
  • 10/29/15 Diyet in Biggar, SK at Majestic Theatre
  • 10/27/15 Diyet in La Ronge, SK at Churchill Community High School
  • 10/25/15 Diyet in Regina, SK at The Artful Dodger
  • 10/24/15 Diyet in Rothstern, SK at Station Arts Centre
  • 10/23/15 Diyet in Langenburg at George Layh Theatre

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