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Born in a tent, raised in a small cabin in a village on the shores of a glacial lake in the mountains of the Kluane region of the Yukon, Canada, Diyet proudly embodies her Southern Tutchone, Japanese, Tlingit and Scottish roots with a musical presence that is equally diverse and unique.

Diyet got her start singing on the school bus and went on to acquire a degree in music and became a published songwriter in Vancouver, BC. When the pull of the North was too strong she packed her bags along with her Dutch husband and moved back to her village without a plan or even a pub to play in. The result of this unlikely career move has been multiple international collaborations; tours across the circumpolar North, Canada and Europe; and two albums: When You Were King (2013) and The Breaking Point (2010). With a new album in the works for Winter 2017 Diyet continues to live with feet firmly planted in two worlds.

Diyet is Alternative Folk, Roots, Country and Traditional Aboriginal with catchy melodies and stories deeply rooted in her Indigenous world view and northern life. She performs as a trio with husband and collaborator, Robert van Lieshout on guitar and foot percussion and multi-instrumentalist and Juno Award winning producer, Bob Hamilton.

Diyet’s live performances provide an intimate and uplifting experience as she invites her guests into a soundscape of rhythm, melody and storytelling. With a resonant voice that captures the spirit, Diyet is a contemporary artist whose music leaves listeners with a sense of hope and possibility. Her lyrics paint a vivid picture of her home and travels, and touch upon the happy and heartbreaking things that happen in her world, exposing her interpretation of a northern reality: hard, raw and will break you if it can, but at the same time is always beautiful, gentle, strange and intensely alive.

Her debut  album, The Breaking Point, received nominations for “Best New Artist” and “Songwriter of the Year” at the Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards in 2010 and 2011, “Album of the Year” at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards and remained on the Canadian Aboriginal Music Countdown for 24 weeks.

When You Were King, Diyet’s sophomore album released in July 2013, is lyrically daring and instrumentally inspiring with a diversity and boldness transporting the listener places, times and states of mind, creating an emotional tension that at times holds up a mirror and at other times sparks a memory.  When You Were King has message and meaning juxtaposed with a bit of cheek.

Diyet’s adventurous and sometimes chaotic life is on full display in her music and she often says, “yesterday, fishing for our dinner on the ice, the next day, on the stage singing for you”

Vulnerable, true to life songs. “Vancouver Sun”


Diyet’s enticing vocals will pull you into the songs while the lyrics tell you a story…The entire album is great, and has a unique sound…if you like good music you should definitely check out this album. “Canadian Beats”


Diyet has met the challenge with the release of “When You Were King” – a sophomore release that is anything but sophomoric. This time around Diyet explores themes of yearning and persistence with sparse instrumentation, aching deliveries and arrangements as stark and icy as the Yukon Territory itself. “Rockwired Magazine, USA”

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